Friday, 8 June 2007

Skype and Cape Town and Bluetooth - Oh My!

I've been trying to Skype Lisa – no one in… thank God she goes out from time to time.

Bart sent me some logo ideas – strange but good and trashy. Nice if a bit subtle for Joe Soap.

Have been dealing with finances most of the last 2 days. Tying up bits. And crewing is slow as this place is buzzing with TV work as the channels here have real money and make real soaps. Also international commercials ruin a lot of technicians – as the life of each commercial is fast, lucrative and short.

Will go to Cape Town soon to meet a potential Production Designer. He spoke about assistants. I answered, “What assistants?” I painted the blackest picture of the funding and he still wants to come on board. I found him through Darrell Roodt (Director: Cry the Beloved Country, Sarafina!) and he certified that this fellow is just what we need as he is mad and frightens many people off. I'll let you know how it goes.

All those music people via Barry Van Zyl of Johnny Clegg’s Band will be seen in Cape Town while I'm there.

Meanwhile the strike goes on. A teacher who wanted to teach was badly beaten yesterday. Sometimes people here forget that the struggle against apartheid is over. It was OK to go to war against the old oppressors, but a democracy has some decency.

Cant find Bluetooth in my phone. Disaster. Will have to mail J-P of the SFR store in Paris.

This is Africa but it is 2 degrees C.

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