Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Greta Garbo and The Creature Shop

So Michael emailed me today, after I requested that he go to YouTube and reply to some of the comments that have been posted about the Triomf test shoot video. Poor Michael...we're dragging him, and Greta Garbo evidently, into the information age. But he has no trouble, at the end of the day, ordering a rat face...

Here's a word (or 39) from our Director:

I ANSWERED THOSE COUPLE OF COMMENTS ON THE YOUTUBE MOVIE PAGE. As I explore the technological jungle, I have to sign up everywhere. Giving away all that secret information. Would Greta Garbo give her age? Then all these passwords not longer not shorter than… it took me eight goes to succeed in not being rejected. There is this sense that the machine is defiant. It is stronger than you. I feel I am throwing rocks at a wall. How will I ever remember all those different log-in names… cause someone has aways stolen yours long ago – the sense of having been replaced, repressed.


Today I spent four hours driving to THE CREATURE SHOP in hail storms that only ever happen in November and December – never in the winter which is when you must come and shoot in South Africa as it NEVER rains in June. Graham showed me his bag of tricks – lions that yawn, baboons that jump and crocs that snap. I need him to make a mask for my lead actor Lionel Newton who becomes a ratman in the mind of his nephew Lambert towards the end of the film.

tried skype but yous out.
Thanks for your comments Bart – you’re always a pleasure to read.
I must now master the camera and BLUETOOTH – what the hell is it? What does it do?

Now my challenge - how to explain bluetooth in 10 words or less? How's this: short-range wireless communication between devices. Kind of corporate speakish but it's a start.

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