Saturday, 9 June 2007

The Miracle of Technology

Spent some time Skyping with Michael this morning, helping him send a photo and video from his new phone (Sony Ericsson K790) to his MAC laptop via Bluetooth. Next step is teaching him how to send them directly to this blog - but first things first. Here's the Michael and the crew start production of the film, Michael can send photos and videos of behind-the-scenes events.

We had great success bluetoothing, although finding the files on the laptop after they were sent was a bit of a challenge.

I mentioned that he might want to find something called the "Bluetooth Manager" on his MAC so he can set up default receiving folders but one technology lesson was enough (to bore the crap out of him) for one day.

He strictly prohibited me from uploading the photo he sent me. But the video was pretty funny. Don't blink or you'll miss it.

Michael had to hurry off to meet with a casting agent. Could it be you that is chosen to work with us on this film? You never know. Subscribe to this blog so you can get the latest casting calls and any other opportunities that we dream up.

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