Friday, 19 October 2007

Crew Call: Any Wild Clappers Available?

Alex sent me today's shoot rundown...

Day 22
Probably because it was on a Friday, today turned out to be one of
the best-humored days on set. Not only were the cast on top form (both during and in-between takes!), but some elaborate practical jokes kept spirits high as the weather inevitably took a turn for the worse.

Scenes for the day were a continuation of the past two days - a chase involving some acrobatics from the cast (no stunt doubles for these tough guys), followed by the arrival of the police.

The wild nature of the scene, with Coco Merckel and Oscar Pietersen full of light-hearted menace (if such a thing exists), had the cast, crew and local residents in stitches. Not all of the action took place in front of the camera: I myself provided unwitting amusement to my fellow crew members, thanks to the efforts of Jamie and Wiaan. Called to a field next to the set just before lunch, I 'wild clapped' for sound across the entire paddock, an entirely made-up task that looked as ridiculous as it sounds.

No sooner had lunch been digested than the sun gave way once more to cloud, rain and thunder. A change of plans was on hand and the madcap antics of the Fort Knox crowd gave way to interior shots in Lambert's Den. Designed to be inhospitable, the Den is not exactly beloved by crew or cast.

Image below:
Here's Paul Luckoff as Pop, outside Lambert's den:

With some good vibes still lingering from the morning session, we plowed on into the late afternoon; notwithstanding some very loud thunderclaps. Not a patch on my wild claps, of course...

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