Friday, 19 October 2007

Chase Scenes Completed Seconds Before the Deluge

Alex Pearse sent me a recap from yesterday's shoot:

Day 21
Action was the order of Day 21, with a violently hilarious chase scene
involving Lambert and The Fort Knox Boys, plus some inclement weather providing more drama.

Images below:
Crew sets up for one segment of the chase sequence while (second image) Director of Photography Jamie Ramsay (in red cap) is in consultation with Focus Puller Wiaan Matthee.

Lambert's escape from the very irate Fort Knox residents was successfully created, thanks to some mammoth performances from a very talented cast, namely Coco Merckel as Beerguts, Astrid Braaf as Bikini Girl, Craig Palm as Speedo, Carmel Fisher as Speedo's girl and Delia Meyer and Oscar Petersen playing their party guests.

Tony Caprari as the baboon man was, as always, a joy to behold...

In the picture below:
FortKnoxBoys: Speedo (Craig Palm) leaps from a tree in pursuit of Lambert while Oscar Petersen awaits his chance.

Just as we were congratulating ourselves on having successfully navigated the vagaries of dodgy weather, we got a little reminder of the awesome power of nature. At a little before 12:30 am, the skies opened with such ferocity that within minutes the city's drains were overflowing. Needless to say, film making was hastily shoved off the agenda in favor of finding shelter for crew, cast and equipment.

Although we had had several hours of beautiful sunlight to film our dramatic chase scene and the antics of the feral baboon man, our schedule for the rest of the day had to be altered dramatically.

Image above: Clapper board takes a break during the storm.

intense discussions between director Michael Raeburn, first AD Grant Nale and script supervisor Elaine Butler, a plan B was hastily conceived. The gaffer and camera department got to work lighting the set for an afternoon of interiors and work resumed.

Our recompense for a lunchtime of misery came moments before the final shot of the day: Joburg's skyscrapers bathed in pure gold as the setting sun burned through the mist and rain. This is why Johannesburg is called The City of Gold.


totoro said...

Maybe not the only reason it's called the City of Gold ;)

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hhaha, congratulations on getting through that

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