Tuesday, 11 September 2007

National Braai Day Raises Concerns

According to one of those anxiety-inducing little countdown clock-widgets located here, there are currently only 12 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes and 59 seconds until the outbreak of National Braaiday.

Worse, and even more worrisome, by the time you read this, there will be even less time ticking away. And every time that clock ticks off another second, we can't help wondering, and worrying. And the big day falls on a Monday this year — what if nobody shows up, and the whole thing is just one big colossal failure? Will Emeritus Archbishop Dr Desmond Tutu, patron of this important event, have managed to wrap up that little mess in Darfur in time to get back for a bit of burnt boerewors? And how come those clocks running down always bring up grim thoughts of death and mortality and of how fleeting life is, and how much of it we're wasting standing next to the braai with a beer in one hand and a fork in the other? And what will happen to that little clock once its time has passed? And can any of this time-pressure be good for the meat-grilling business? It does almost certainly make us need a drink. Maybe the beer industry is secretly behind the whole thing. And that worries us too. But slightly less.


Nic said...

Hi, I just noticed that you've linked to SA Rocks!! Thank you so much. Your support is really appreciated.

I will be adding your blog to our supporters list asap!!

Keep in touch.

Tongmaster said...

Michael, apologies for the anxiety that the clock is causing you. I don't think it should upset you so much so maybe a nice relaxing braai would do you good.
To answer your question on what will happen to the clock, once it reaches zero it will change into a counter that will display the number of people as per the 34761 SMS count. After that, it will revert back to counting down to next year's braai day.

As for people showing up, impossible. There is no place to show up to. All you need to do is braai with your family and friends at home. I will be pretty surprised if no-one shows up for a braai with their family and/or friends at homes across SA on 24 September.

As for the link to our site, thanks, it is good for the Google rankings.

As for the Google rankings, last time I checked, we were second if you typed braai and first if you type braaiday. I think the latter is fairly obvious, but the first one did cause that slight feeling of content.

As for the Triomf movie, awesome idea. It should have been done years ago. There were some Stellenbosch students who had a Triomf photo strip website a few years ago. You part of that?

May the wors be with you!
The Tongmaster