Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Michael is in South Africa

After flight delays Michael finally made it to South Africa a couple of days ago. He has secured a nice apartment with a large "American style" kitchen and he loves his coffee pot. (Don't ask) He called us via Skype and using the video camera that comes integrated with his MAC (grrrr...my expensive Dell XPS doesn't have video or a microphone!), he gave us a tour of his apartment. He even has his own garden.

This afternoon in an email he said:

I am crewing up and very busy as I don’t want to find I run out of time. But now I have mastered the email on the phone which works as an MMS that converts to email – AND will only respond to a received email i.e you can’t just send one off to someone. Jesus, they never tell you any of these irritations!

I helped him get a new phone before he left Paris since his was from WWII or thereabouts. But he's had some struggles getting it up and running. We hope he can live blog from the phone while in production and on the set. Stay tuned for all of this ground-breaking techno movie making fun.

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