Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Jurgen Schadeberg Supplies Triomf with Photos of Sophiatown Forced Removals

Michael emailed me today with these comments:

I was due to go and meet some crew on a shoot in Soweto today – it was canceled cause of the general strike – too risky. People who went to work were careful not to wear uniforms of any sort. Even maids with aprons off.

Today I spent time with Jürgen Schadeberg and his wife Claudia – the photographer of so much of SA history. He will be supplying stills of Sophiatown days and the forced removals. You can see some great stuff from the 50s on his website.

Bonne nuit a toi et a Bart…

Bonne nuit à toi trop Michael! And...I did some research on Jürgen and found this quote in an Axis Gallery exhibition article:

"In 1994, Schadeberg was again able to photograph Mandela as a free man, gazing through the bars of his former cell on Robben Island. Jürgen Schadeberg has returned to live in Johannesburg. Together with his wife, Claudia, he has produced several films and books, which are available in the Online Store."

There is also an in-depth and very interesting article entitled Jurgen Schadeberg, still capturing Joburgers, written March 1, 2004 by Lucille Davis with lots of images here courtesy of the City of Johannesburg website.

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