Monday, 21 May 2007

IS THIS A BEGINNING…??? Or is it...?

The kick off for this production line-up began when we had brunch at Joe Allen’s in Paris on 20 May, 2007 years after the birth of The Father, as we sat in a locale linked to London, New York, Miami – Joe Allen’s restaurant, a global village for nearly 40 years, launched in four transatlantic cities before such concepts were even born. Now, global culture has encircled the earth. We five brunchers scrolling our mobiles – those tools that hold our future in store, our messages, our films, our books, our entire vision of life – and we’re talking about how to get my unmade film ‘Triomf’ onto those tiny ubiquitous machines so that it can be magically thrown out and up and over to every connected soul. First the message that the new film is about to be born at last, then - one day next year - the final thing itself and in its entirety, roaring around out there.

Jose, the sound mixer, talks about Pro Tools. He can go on about machines for hours. So I tune out. But slowly get drawn back in by the word “revolutionary” used more than a few times, which is what he is going to be doing with a machine that normally sits in a studio mixing sounds, and which he is proposing to carry onto the set in a bag…. no, two bags because one has to hold the Mac that runs the mixer, or the other way around – or anyway the machines will talk to one another for the first revolutionary time while being roped round Jose’s waist in special bags.

Then Lisa and Bart who have become instant friends since appearing physically out of a rental ad to hire my apartment while I go off and make TRIOMF talk of some company that makes bags and how revolution will come soon to this bag company by means of a never-before-seen bag to hold a laptop in its ‘open’ position on someone’s hip like a Colt 45. Good heavens to Betsy! My film is now revolutionary – not through its content, but through machines (telephones that do nearly everything except make coffee, and computers that hang off the body, and mixers that roam, and bags and bags more).

And now Bart and Lisa are outreaching left, right and centre. BUT, and it’s a big ‘but’ – I have to supply this drivel to a thing called a blog that everyone of course knows about but cavemen like myself for whom a blog is a bog misspelt. Anyway, ladies and gents, I’m trying. Promising not to be too dull. Although trivia is supposed to be the spice of blogs rather like boredom is part of life and therefore if you do not have it you might think you’re dead, but if you do have it you’ll feel right at home as if you were sitting in your own bog (those in the British cultural zone crap not on John but in a bog –- hey! since I am on my first outreach, hey, you out there! you I cannot see, can you tell me, please, why John got to be bogged on – and who was this guy John?? [is this not one of the educational perks of blogging to be able to ask about something you are too lazy to find out about yourself?] ).

Now I'll jump forward to ---- now - it’s the 5th June 2007. Are such lacunae of time allowed on bogs, oops blogs? And that word ‘lacunae’ – should it be blogged down to dumb gap? (Answer me again out there – hey you I cannot see!)

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